Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favourite Photos: - Vernazza, Cinque Terre/Italy - Boats

This is another photo from our walk along the Cinque Terre, this time the boats in the Harbour of Vernazza, the fourth town heading into the Cinque Terre from the far town, Riomaggiore.

Just like the colour, composition and in particular the two small figures in the landscape - upper right and middle left.

Boats - Vernazza/Cinque Terre - 13 Aug 2005

Friday, June 18, 2010

Favourite Photos: Perisher Valley 2001 - Snow Gum

Red - Bloody Gum - Perisher Valley - Mon 26 Jun 2001 (picasa)

As mentioned before, we did spend a lot of time down in the Snowy Mountains. Our first winter trip was in June 2000 where we stayed at the Boonoona Ski Lodge. The Ski fields open for the season on the June Long Weekend and we were one of the first into the Lodge for the 2000 Winter. There was a fair bit of snow around and the Lodge Manager had told me about seeing the odd Snow Gum turn red during the cold winters. Was pleasantly surprised to stumble across one the next day as can seen above. The red colouring of the bark is the natural draw card to this photo, but for me I like the misty background and the complimenting lines of the branches of the tree in the background tree in the background - I really enjoy the central branch that spirals backwards from the tree.

When recently looking back through the photos from this trip I noticed the photo below where I am wearing a Red Jacket (even my chin, cheeks and nose were red from the cold) - a nice coincidence which I did not notice back then. Always fun looking back through old photos to see things you did not see back when they were taken.

Red - Geoff - Perisher Valley - Mon 26 Jun 2001 (picasa)

Another photo below, this time of the background tree in the photo above. I would return Summer and Winter for a number years to photograph both these trees. Ultimately, in Jan 2005 I would capture this one using my Shen Hao Large Format Camera (HZX45-IIA), which is yet another Favourite Photo for another day.

Gum Tree - Perisher Valley - Mon 26 Jun 2001 (picasa)