Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On Knowing what to Know - Michael Johnstone (Mon 28 Sep 2015)

Self Portrait - Green Peas / Alexandria (Thu 22 Sep 2015)

Mike Johnstone writes:

you only need to know what you need to know
via Mastering Photographic Technique by Mike Johnstone.

And, in the same thought, maybe to help you through any procastination:

you only need to do what you need to do

Saturday, September 26, 2015

On Architecture - John Dalton (1961) / Elizabeth Musgrave (Houses 102)

eljeiffel House - Alexandria (Sat 26 Sep 2015)

John Dalton on Architecture:

for us, life in the sun is a reality, and we who build in the sunlight sense the joy of space and light. It is our delight. The magic of shade and shadow capture our senses and direct us towards our purpose, which is to dispense comfort and happiness through useful form
via Sun and Shadow House by Elizabeth Musgrave.

Been lucky enough to have had an Architect and Builder who knows what this means. I live in the result of that intent and purpose, and I still can't believe it.

On Observation - Yogi Berri

Abstract - Uni Of Sydney (Thu 17 Sep 2015)

Mike Peters on Observation:

You can observe a lot by just watching
via The future is not what it used to be. by Mike Peters.

Such a simple and true observation.

Did not even notice the face in the background when I made this photo. Only later did I observe it. Reminds me of this Poster I took on the T Station at Harvard in Boston in 2011.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On Art - Streetshooter (Mon 21 Sep 2015)

Red, Yellow and Blue - Chippendale (Tue 22 Sep 2015)

Streetshooter on Art:

The beauty of art is, we are all in the same boat in the same place and yet those true to heart see things differently and attempt to make their art more of themselves then of and for anyone else.
via Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 20 … Street …Finding Your Way by Streetshooter.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Story Telling - Mike Johnstone (Sun 13 Sep 2015)

Blue - Chippendale (Thu 04 Jun 2015)

Mike Johnstone on Story Telling:

We live our little lives thinking known things are just known [..]

I think everybody should write an autobiography. Otherwise, the stories that you know the best, the stories that are so important to you, will only go away, lost like a bird falling out of the sky.

via Open Mike: The Fate of Stories (OT) by Mike Johnstone.

On Photography - Jimmy Le / James Gorman (Mon 14 Sep 2015)

Green - Ultimo (Mon 14 Sep 2015)

Jimmy Le on Photography:

It’s about showing the world how I see people through my own eyes and experiences.
via Snappers Jimmy Le and John Appleyard celebrate inclusion in Australian Life photographic prize by James Gorman.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

On Dogs, Humans and Love - Richard Glover / Spectrum (Sat 12 Sep 2015)

Me and Teal - "Always be nice to a dog - always say hello to a dog" - Victor Hugo Market Restaurants / Toulouse / France (Sun 19 Sep 2009)

Richard Glover on Dogs, Humans and Love:

Worse things have happened to you and worse things have happened to me, but there's nothing like the death of a good dog to bring tears that are so hot and unrestrained. [..]

Every dog has lessons to teach. They are experts, of course, in demanding love. Humans, quite often, seem to doubt whether they are worthy of love, but dogs have no such uncertainties. "Look at me, just look at me," Darcy would say and, as my eyes met his, it was impossible not to submit to his unspoken demand.

"What a good dog. What a handsome dog. You are the best dog that ever was."

Then Darcy would return the favour, looking back as if to say: "What's next boss? You, after all, are my favourite human and I would follow you anywhere, through hot deserts or raging streams or high mountains."

This giving and receiving of love seems so right, so nourishing, one wonders whether it might have useful application outside the world of dogs. I'm guessing that's what Darcy was trying to teach us.

via Do you ever get over the death of a dog? by Richard Glover.

Something about our pets that makes us more Human. A touching article and it brought a tear to my eye for many reasons. Some obvious, but others less so ..

Friday, September 11, 2015

On Resilence - Alasdair Foster / Street Level Photoworks (Thu 01 Nov 2012)

Untitled - La Perouse (Mon 07 Sep 2015)

Alasdair Foster on Resilience:

Resilience is a mix of fortitude and adaptability
via Interview with Alasdair Foster by Street Level Photoworks.

Two Photos - Matthew Sleeth and Rosemary Laing / UTS / Ultimo (Thu 10 Sep 2015)

Untitled #66 - Matthew Sleeth (1999) - UTS / Ultimo (Fri 10 Sep 2015)

Flight Research #2 - Rosemary Laing (1999) - UTS / Ultimo (Fri 10 Sep 2015)

Untitled #66 and Flight Research #2 - UTS / Ultimo (Fri 10 Sep 2015)

Walk past these most days on the way to work. They are just in the main entrance hall of the UTS Main Campus Building. Just hanging on the wall there - together. Flight is a common theme but they juxtapose each other by their compostion - one with no central focus and the other couldn't be more so. I love them both, but Matthew's Untitled #66 is just brilliant because it breaks all the rules of convential photography. And, works brilliantly because of it.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

On The Importance of Here - Kathryn Heyman / The Good Weekend (Sat 15 Jul 2006)

The Importance of Here by Kathryn Heyman - Good Weekend (Sun 15 Jul 2006)

Kathryn Heyman on Hiraeth:

In Welsh, the word is hiraeth. Deeper than homesickness, it translates roughly as an intense longing for place, a desire for home which goes far beyond the desire for family or recognisable rituals. It is the pain of physical dislocation, of being, quite simply, in the wrong landscape.
via The Importance of Here by Kathryn Heyman.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Street Art - Chippen Lane #4 / Chippendale (Fri 28 Aug 2015)

Street Art - Chippen Lane #4 / Chippendale (Fri 28 Aug 2015)

Ever changing. The latest.

Monday, September 7, 2015

On Architecture - Doug Anderson / The Guide (Mon 07 Sep 2015)

Dr Chau Wing Building - UTS / Ultimo (Wed 02 Sep 2015)

Doug Anderson on Architecture:

architecture is public art which, eyesore or triumph of taste and beauty, affects the lives of all. Unlike a painting in a gallery, the public doesn't get to choose whether or not to look at it.
via Show of the Week: Getting Frank Gehr by Doug Anderson.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

On Individuality - Iris Apfel / Isabel Wilkinson (Wed 15 Apr 2015)

Heart - Cleveland Street / Chippendale (Tue 01 Sep 2015)

Iris Apfel on Individuality:

I guess people like to identify; I guess they don't want to be alone
via Iris Apfel on Individuality, Her New Movie, and Being Famous by Isabel Wilkinson.

An Insight to Insight - Sarah Perry / ribbonfarm (Thu 03 Sep 2015)

Street Art - Macdonaldtown (Mon 24 Aug 2015)

Sarah Perry on Insight:

A special type of intelligence is the organization of complexity into a simpler, less resource-intensive form. The experience of such a compression is what is called “insight,”
via Cartographic Compression by Sarah Perry at ribbonfarm.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On Keeping With It - Jeffrey Smart (May 2005)

Untitled - George Street / Sydney (Tue 01 Sep 2015)

Jeffrey Smart on Keeping with It:

It is no use waiting about for inspiration. An artist has to work, work when he does not wish to work, and sometimes pursue and flog a dead painting, all the time knowing, it will be discarded. But he knows that by the act of painting, even in despair, he is placing himself in a position where something may turn up. It is the agony of creation. It takes some sort of mad persistence to go on being a painter.
via Jeffrey Smart (by Barry Pearce) by Jeffrey Smart.

On Control and Letting Go - StreetShooter (Fri 28 Aug 2015)

Untitled - George Street / Sydney (Mon 01 Sep 2015)

Street Shooter on Control:

You can’t control anything and once you accept that and stop trying to get control, then you actually get some control
via Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 15 … The Jeff Story Continues by Street Shooter.