Monday, January 30, 2017

Geography - Tim Winton / Catherine Noske (30 Jan 2017)

On the Road - Cooperabung / Pacific Highway (Sat 14 Jan 2017)

Tim Winton on Geography:

I’m very conscious of the specifics of geography and the way it shapes us, whether we recognise this or not.
via From Tim Winton to Gail Jones: why writing matters in WA by Catherine Noske.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hope - Story of Telling (Wed 28 Dec 2016)

Mickey and Donald - Glebe (Thu 22 Dec 2016)

Story of Telling on Hope:

Hope impacts our internal narrative acting like the aperture of a camera’s lens controlling the amount of light reaching the film. It makes us more resourceful, fuels our resilience and strengthens our resolve. We might not have the ability to alter the scene but we can change our perspective.

We have more power to shape our stories than we realise

via The Power Of Perspective by Story of Telling.