Thursday, June 28, 2018

Doing - John Maloof / Chicago Tonight (31 Jul 2012)

"working on nemlog - a labour of love" - UTS (Thu 31 May 2018)

John Maloof on Doing:

There’s so much work that I am doing. There’s times when it’s overwhelming to the point where I have anxiety about how much there is to do, and how little I have done with all the work I put in.

Sometimes there’s quiet moments when I am just scanning by myself and I just think wow, it’s amazing that I’m doing this. That someone like me is doing this.

via Vivian Maier / Chicago Tonight (July 31, 2012) by Chicago Tonight.

"she had it" - Finding Vivian Maier (2014)

Paris is Calling - Newtown (Mon 07 May 2018)

Finding Vivian Maier on Having It:

She didn't have these measures of status that people aspire to but she didn't have to compromise with it. She did what she wanted. That's what she taught me. She got the life she wanted. She had it.
via Finding Vivian Maier by Finding Vivian Maier.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Doing - Iterations / Jeffery Saddoris (Sun 24 Jun 2018)

abstract - Greenfield Park / Sydney (Sun 10 Jun 2018)

Jeffery Saddoris on Doing:

We need to rethink the word perfect and replace it with purposeful or deliberate - purposeful practice - deliberate practice. Perfect suggests there are no mistakes and it is in the mistakes that provide the opportunity to learn. Practicing deliberately on the other hand means looking beyond simply going through the motions of a particular task or skill, and instead breaking it down into where and more importantly why we are not getting the results we want or expect.

In the same way watching is the flip side of doing, failure is the catalyst to practice. Failure shows us where the holes are - whether that is a hole in a swing, a hole in our game or a hole in our thinking. But it does not happen in a vacuum and it is not binary. Failure is the evidence of doing. And failure just like success is an opportunity for reflection in order to fine tune where to direct our next efforts. When we embrace the missteps we are given the opportunity to see what worked and what did not work in the doing and as a result we can build a more purposeful or deliberate practice moving forward.

via The catalyst to practice (listen to from here) by Jeffery Saddoris.