Sunday, July 31, 2016

Portraits - You can't ask more of any portrait - Reciprocity Failure (Mon 09 Jul 2013)

portrait - Deng Adut - Archibald Prize / Art Gallery of NSW (Fri 22 Jul 2016)

Reciprocity Failure on Portraits:

[portraits] gives us reason to pause, focus and reflect at the wonder and challenges of their lives... as well as our own. You can't ask more of any portrait. [previously here]
via Russell Frederick by Reciprocity Failure.

Entered this photo in the Art and About 2016, Australian Life Competition. A great quote about portraits and it is what inspired me to enter a portrait this year.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If You Want To - Seth Godin (Tue 19 Jul 2016)

I want to .. I am .. - Library / Glebe (Wed 20 Jul 2016)

Seth Godin on If You Want To:

anyone with a $300 laptop can use the very same tools as the people at the top of just about any industry. [..]

If you want to learn, do research, make a ruckus... your local library has access to the same tools as you'll find in a skyscraper in a big company.

via The very same software by Seth Godin.

I've realised this for a long time and now I have the opportunity to make something of it here at the Glebe Library. Really making some great progress with everything that Seth mentions in his post - The very same software - and I am excited about what I am creating.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Discipline - Fawzan Husain / Anahita Panicker (Thu 14 Jul 2016)

waterfall - black and white - Wentworth Falls / Blue Mountains (Tue 12 Jul 2016(

Fawzan Husain on Discipline:

I want to bring in the discipline of the art and essentially want them to include the five Ws (what, why, where, when, who) in their pictures. So many narratives are often overlooked in this frenzy of shooting unnecessary, mundane things. And many times we don’t concentrate on the things we should actually be looking at.
via Street-savvy photography by Anahita Panicker.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On the Surface - David Freedlander on Diane Arbus (Tue 12 Jul 2016)

"orange on the surface" - Wentworth Falls / Blue Mountains (Tue 12 Jul 2016)

David Freedlander on Surface:

the world is one of self-presentation and surfaces. You can try to go deeper if you want to, but the surface is where you have to start. If you are smart, it is where you will stay.
via Diane Arbus’s Strange and Surreal Visions of New York by David Freedlander.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Few Quotes - Beate Chelette / various (Tue 06 Jul 2016)

self portrait - Broadway / Sydney (Sat 02 Jul 2016)

Various on Quotes:

Is where you are now your end game, or are you simply not stepping up?

If not us, who? If not now, when? (via / more)

Someday is today.

via When you hit the wall by Beate Chelette.

Just a few random quotes to keep myself motivated.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Vision and Happiness - Giovanni Sollima / Nick Galvin (Sat 02 Jul 2016)

abstract - Wilson Street / Newtown (Fri 01 Jul 2016)

Giovanni Sollima on Vision:

Everyone should do this. When you play you need a vision of something. It can be human, it can be a tree, it can be abstract, it can be happiness ...
via Giovanni Sollima breaks rules with the ACO by Nick Galvin.

How do we ..? - Liz Jobey on Diane Arbus (Fri 01 Jul 2016)

silhouette - Sydney Life - Hyde Park / Sydney (Fri 18 Sep 2015)

Liz Jobey on Diane Arbus:

How do we become the people we want to be? How do we overcome our genetics and our gender, how do we transform ourselves? How do children become adolescents and adolescents become adults? How do adults become parents, how do children distinguish themselves? These are essential questions throughout her work.
via Diane Arbus: the magic mirror by Liz Jobey.

Passion, Energy and Eccentricity- Kevin McCleod (Fri .01 Jul 2016)

syke / pasteup - Wilson Street / Newtown (Fri 01 Jul 2016)

Kevin McCleod on Passion:

Don’t confuse passion and energy for eccentricity
via Grand Designs: Kevin McCloud on the renovation job sites since 1999 by Graeme Blundell.