Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Remembering Jenny #6 - Sydney (Sat 16 Feb 2008)

Eyes - Sydney (Sat 16 Feb 2008)


I will find my way

When I see your eyes,

Now I'm living,

In your afterglow.

Monday, June 29, 2015

On Creating a Moment - Drew Ginn (Fri 17 Aug 2012)

Car Park - Black and Yellow - Jongno-gu/ Seoul (Tue 11 Sep 2012)

Drew Ginn on Creating a Moment:

we all start out simply focusing on what we do. Then we either become inspired or imagine and things begin to progress. The days add up along with the months and years. Our focus improves along with our capacities and skills . We advance and things become interestingly possible. Then one day or over a period of days it becomes real. I mean it all starts to hit you that you are living your dream and aspiration has become action. This is a flexion point and a phase of confidently growing and shifting into a belief. Some times it faintly begins to unfold before the big moment and yet no one wants to let themselves get caught up in getting ahead of themselves. So then it's often not until its either to late or almost beyond the moment. The door is welcoming and somehow we can still hesitate. No moment stays open forever and some times they pass with out being taken.

via RUDDERFISH: Dreaming, Reality, Being Home & Moving Forward by Drew Ginn.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Appreciation - Streetshooter (Fri 26 Jun 2015)

a shaft of light breaks through and the clarity of our vision reveals itself - NGA / Canberra (Sun 05 Aug 2002)

Streetshooter on Appreciation:

do what you do for you and be pleased you have the gift of sight and the love of something in your life.

via Streets of Philedephia … A Visual Diary … Page 9 … A Chat with Mother Light by Streetshooter.

In Life as in Photography.

On Being Interesting - Maria Popova (Fri 26 Jun 2015)

Whosus - North Head / Sydney Harbour (Sat 27 Jun 2015)

Marie Popova on being Interesting:

The key to being interesting is being interested

via Emerson on What Beauty Really Means, How to Cultivate Its True Hallmarks, and Why It Bewitches the Human Imagination by Marie Popova.

We are all interesting in our own ways. We all have our own interests.

On a Heart Exposed - Streetshooter (Thu 18 Jun 2015)

Untitled - Chippendale (Fri 26 Jun 2015)

Streetshooter on Exposing Your Heart:

if you wear your heart on your sleeve, you have to be able to live with the bumps and bruises that will happen to it.

via Streets of Philedephia … A Visual Diary … Page 5 … Dreamcatch by Streetshooter.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

On a Way Forward - Rebecca Norris Webb (Wed 24 Jun 2015)

Window - Chippendale (Wed 06 May 2014)

Rebecca Norris Webb writes:

sometimes the best way forward is to turn and take a long look back.

via My Dakota: American Photo by Rebecca Norris Webb.

A window is normally a pretty good way to look back as well as forwards, and without turning around.

On Photography - Feeling and Responsibility - Streetshooter (Mon 22 Jun 2015)

Red - Chippendale (Tue 23 Jun 2015)

Streetshooter on Photography, Feeling and Responsibilty:

if you feel a photo in your heart and you see it in your heart and mind, you need to see it with the camera. [..]

I like to assume responsibility for my work [..] there’s a real satisfaction to SEE something and then MAKE a photo and have it satisfy you and maybe others too. You can think how you saw the photo coming together and recall everything about it that you didn’t take the time to forget.

I think I understand but not fully.

via Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 7 … Fuji X100s by Streetshooter.

I've walked to work since we moved office in Feb last year. I love it. It takes about 30 minutes and it has become an invaluable time for me to just walk and be engaged in the moment of just doing that. It gives me a chance to just think about things and I solve many problems and reflect on life a little. I have found a nice way and a few options and a couple are my favourites because how they make me feel. Often I see something that I have not noticed though I have walked past it many times. This photo is one of those things. It is just a few scratches on a peice of metal that has been painted red. I felt it, saw it, made it and I am responsible for giving it a life beyond itself. I love what photography does and these words make some sense of it all. Thanks Streetshooter.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On The Archive - No Caption Needed (Sun 17 May 2015)

Bookshelf - Alexandria (Mon 01 Jun 2015

No Caption Needed on the Archive:

the archive, and should it be that our best work is behind us, that would be where you would find it.

via NCN on the Road by No Caption Needed.

On Life Participation - Streetshooter (Mon 23 Jun 2013)

First cast - Australian Salmon - Bunker Bay (Tue 14 Apr 2015)

Streetshooter on Life and Participation:

I want to be a participant in my life, not just an observer.

via Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 7 … Fuji X100s by Streetshooter.

Monday, June 22, 2015

On Photography, Memory and Feelings - jtinseoul (Sat 20 Jun 2015)

Jenny - Mutton Bird Island / Coffs Harbour (Sun 02 Jan 2004)

jtinseoul on Photography and Memory:

Photography is about Memory. Not the making of memories, but about the capturing of them.

Addding that photos can be a reminder of:

how it felt to be here when I wasn’t.
via Cameras do matter (sort of) by jtinseoul.

So succintly and nicely put - these words touch my heart.

Just found these photos on an old disk. Certainly do bring back some memories and how I felt just over 10 years ago. So much has happened and it feels like another life, the life of someone else told to me so intimately with an open heart and no secrets because I seem to know it so well, I can feel it - but can it be me, really!!

Funny how and what a photo makes you think and feel.

Geoff - Mutton Bird Island / Coffs Harbour (Sun 02 Jan 2004)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Life Engaged - Mike Slack / Blake Andrews (Wed 17 Jun2015)

Untitled - Alexandria (Mon 23 Jun 2014)

Mike Slack on Photography and Engagement:

I don’t know what the goal is, other than to keep doing it, to stay in practice, to stay engaged and see new things. There's a lot of repetition, and satisfaction, in the behavior.

via Q & A with Mike Slack by Blake Andrews.

I sense the same feeelings in my own photography (and life and paddling for that matter). The engagement, the doing, without any particular goal can help you through some tough times in your life. And, this is what I did and continue to do.

Friday, June 19, 2015

On Accepting Yourself - Iain S. Thomas (Mon 13 Apr 2015)

Untitled - Chippendale (Tue 09 Jun 2015)

Iain S. Thomas on being Yourself and Acceptance:

accept yourself for who you are, with all your failings and shortcomings, and all your successes and your triumphs. [..]

Accept tiredness. Accept frustration. Accept joy. Accept the moments that make life, life. Accept grief and your need to mourn when someone close to you dies. Accept your desire for better things. And accept that the journey to what you're try to accomplish with your life is as important as what you do eventually accomplish with it. It's a chase and that's all it ever will be and there is nothing wrong with that.

The Most Important Thing You Forgot to Do Today by Iain S. Thomas.

On Introspection - William Deresiewicz (Oct 2009)

Untitlted - Zurich (Thu 25 Sep 2014)

William Deresiewicz on Introspection:

Introspection means talking to yourself, and one of the best ways of talking to yourself is by talking to another person. One other person you can trust, one other person to whom you can unfold your soul. One other person you feel safe enough with to allow you to acknowledge things—to acknowledge things to yourself — that you otherwise can’t. Doubts you aren’t supposed to have, questions you aren’t supposed to ask. Feelings or opinions that would get you laughed at by the group or reprimanded by the authorities.

This is what we call thinking out loud, discovering what you believe in the course of articulating it.

via Solitude and Leadership by William Deresiewicz.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

On the Allure of Photography - Mike Slack / Blake Andrews (Wed 17 Jun2015)

Untitled - Chippendale (Wed 17 Jun 2015)

Mike Slack on Photography:

Part of the allure of photography is [..] an unrepeatable split-second of light, color, texture, all mind-bogglingly specific to a location in space-time.

via Q & A with Mike Slack by Blake Andrews.

On Love - David Brooks (Sun 14 Jun 2015)

All You Need is Love - Redfern (Tue 31 Mar 2015)

David Brooks on Love:

All of us love certain things: certain friends, certain subjects, certain dreams, certain professional goals. But you don’t really know the nature of your love until you’ve tested it with reality.

via David Brooks, Commencement Address by David Brooks.

On Taking a Risk - Iain S. Thomas (Mon 18 May 2015)

Untitled - Chippendale (Tue 09 Jun 2015)

Iain S. Thomas on Taking a Risk:

I have seen people wait their entire life for the perfect moment to squeeze their heart, and that moment never came. I have seen people risk it all too late, be amazed by what they found, and cry over the time they wasted. I have seen people disappointed and sad and poor and more aware of who they are and what they are than anyone who didn't dare risk what they risked. I have seen people never know their own heart, and they may as well have never had one.

Via The Risks of Never Reaching Inside Your Own Chest by Iain S. Thomas.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On Photography and Authenticity - Jason Langer / Aline Smithson (Mon 15 Jun 2015)

A Heart of Flowers - Alexandria (Sat 13 Jun 2015)

Jason Langer on Photography and Authenticity:

the truest, most authentic self is only revealed in isolation. For me, the social self is a mask. The photographs collected here are, simply put, a record of my attempt to penetrate the mask and expose some glimmer of the mystery beneath.

via JASON LANGER: TWENTY YEARS by Aline Smithson.

I have also found that the true authentic self is often revealed in those raw moments in your life involving your Heart where something is lost - a relationship through a breakdown or a death. A Tear is often a manifestation of the true authentic self because there is nothing left - no masks, no filters. In those moments of loss, before, during and after, the true authentic self is most often revealed, as it should be. For it not to be, might show great resilience in character and [maybe] a Heart of Stone, but this will only magnify and potentially extend the grieving and bereavement process that should follow any significant loss.

There is a beauty (if you are prepared to look at life this way) to the process, it's rawness and what it reveals in character. It shows you are living and experiencing a meaningful life in all its extremes. I have thought that my photography could - and to some extent it has already (and when I think about it as I write these words, it is the very reason I bought my first small digital camera way back Dec 2000) - pursue this direction. They are often markers and important references in your life as you move forward. I have found great comfort in my photographs.

Hands - Greenwich Hospital (Sun 12 Apr 2015)

Monday, June 15, 2015

More On Trying - Iain S. Thomas (Tue 02 Jun 2015)

Whosus - Pacific Dragons Single Craft Day - Barrrenjoey Headland / Palm Beach (Sat 06 Jun 2015)

Iain S. Thomas on Trying:

I've been told I'm special in so many different ways my entire life, why should I have to try, and continue to educate myself, try, and maintain a healthy marriage, try, and exercise, try, and work to accomplish something -- anything -- great?

This is one of the hardest illusions in the world to break. I am not special and I need to try if I want anything. There is nothing sad about that. The only happiness, joy and beauty that isn't temporary, that will nourish your soul and make you feel human and connected to yourself, is found in realizing that you actually have to try.

The Exquisite Beauty of Actually Trying by Iain S. Thomas.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

On Trying - Iain S. Thomas (Tue 02 Jun 2015)

Whosus - Sydney Harbour Bridge (Wed 01 Apr 2015)

Iain S. Thomas on Trying:

it is the act of trying itself that is transcendent [..] Not trying to be cool. Not trying to be cynical and detached. Just trying.

The Exquisite Beauty of Actually Trying by Iain S. Thomas.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

On Time and Patience - RoughType (Tue 09 Jun 2015)

Untitled – Above Sydney Harbour (Feb 2015)

RoughType on Time and Patience:

The greatest of works — in art, science, politics, whatever — tend to take time and patience both to create and to appreciate. The deepest experiences can’t be measured in fractions of seconds.

The seconds are just packed by RoughType.

Been paddling (Dragon Boating and Outrigging both OC1 and OC6) for just over 10 years now. I have had an amazing time and done things way beyond my dreams and capabilities. I have felt every extreme of paddling [and life and death], the highs and the lows, and everything in between. It does take time and patience and I still feel like I am Learnig to Fly.. The journey continues in a different way now, but I am still learning and hope I have more in me. To try and be the best I can for me and those around me.

Friday, June 12, 2015

On Pain - Taylor Phinney / Shane Stokes (Fri 12 Jun 2015)

Untitled - Tour of Great Britain / London (Sun 14 Sep 2014)

Taylor Phinney on Pain:

You can’t focus on anything except this pain that you are feeling. That is kind of a beautiful thing. You are always thinking about so many things at the same time, but a lot of athletes I guess use pain to really live in the moment, which is what we are all trying to do anyway.

via Taylor Phinney on enduring pain and a changed outlook on cycling and life by Shane Stokes.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

On Time and The Past - Tim Winton / The Turning

Geoff - "an early start for the first day of the rest of my life - 'where do you start?'" - Alexandria (7am Wed 01 Jul 2009)

Tim Winton on Time and the Past:

When a wave breaks, the water is not moving. The swell has travelled great distances but only the energy is moving, not the water. Perhaps time moves through us and not us through it ... the past is in us, and not behind us. Things are never over.

via The Turning by Tim Winton.

These words are so touching. Not really sure how to say what they make me feel - this photograph of me the day after Jenny died, might say it all? Maybe time did move through me and I am still there - I don't know really, but this photo makes it feel like it - one of those reference points in life. It also reminds me of who I was, who I have become and want to be, which when I think about is the same thing. Not sure what I'm trying to say or how (nothing unusual there). Gladly, it is never over. I have a past, it is who I am. And thankfully, I've stopped trying to be anything else.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On the Beginning of the End - I Wrote this for You / Iain S. Thomas (Wed 12 Mar 2014)

Jenny - The Light was Shining Brightly Here, and as Lisa told me, this photo was "Jenny's Parting Gift to Us" - St George Private Hospital (11:48am Tue 23 Jun 2009)

Iain S. Thomas on Light:

I hope that in the future they invent a small golden light that follows you everywhere and when something is about to end, it shines brightly so you know it's about to end.

The Light That Shines When Things End by Iain S. Thomas.

Geoff - The last Photo Jenny made - The Light Shone Brightly on Me - St George Private Hospital (11:49am Tue 23 Jun 2009)

Monday, June 8, 2015

More On Writing - I Wrote this for You / Iain S. Thomas (Mon 05 Aug 2013)

Live Your Life - Calle de Santa Isabel / Madrid (Sun 11 Aug 2013)

Iain S. Thomas on Writing:

Write About Something Else

Write about something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Write about something that makes you worry what other people will think.


Write to try and capture your own unique voice and take on things.

Write About Something Else by Iain S. Thomas.

And that is pretty much what I have done here these last 6 years. It's certainly been uncomfortable. I've definitely worried about what other people will think and it's been done my way. And the best bit is that I have loved every minute of it. You've Gotta Love It as Patricia would say.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

On Portrait Photography - Richard Johnstone (Fri 29 May 2015)

Photos - Alexandria (Sun 07 Jun 2015)

Richard Johnstone on Portrait Photography:

One of the great mysteries of portrait photography hinges on whether we can successfully read character and biography into a single image.

via Face time - Photography | Richard Johnstone reviews the finalists in this year’s Head On Portrait Prize by Richard Johnstone.

I think the portrait of Jenny captures her character perfectly. I had an A4 print made of it shortly after I took it on Christmas Day in 2006. Joanne bought a nice frame for it and we placed on her Coffin at her Funeral. What better photo to celebrate and reflect on her life.

Friday, June 5, 2015

On Writing - I Wrote this for You / Iain S. Thomas (Sat 06 Sep 2014)

Untitled - Paris (Fri 19 Sep 2015)

Iain S. Thomas on Writing:

Keep writing. Give everything away for free. That's what worked for me.

Remember: Every word you write makes you one word better than you were before you wrote it.

I might have survivor bias but I believe if you keep doing the thing you love, eventually you get good at it and people notice it.

via reddit by Iain S. Thomas.

On Inspiration - I Wrote this for You / Iain S. Thomas (Sat 06 Sep 2014)

Untitled - Chippendale (Thu 04 Jun 2015)

Iain S. Thomas on Inspiration:

a lot of my inspiration comes from the idea of simply telling the truth about the way that you feel.

reddit by Iain S. Thomas.

On Despair - I Wrote this for You / Iain S. Thomas (Mon 30 Jul 2012)

Self Portrait - Despair - Jerrabomberra Creek / Canberra (Sat 12 Mar 2005)

Iain S. Thomas on Despair:

Appreciate every moment of happiness and remember it when you despair. Hold them close. And when you are happy, remember the moments of despair and think to yourself, "I told you so."

The First Day On Earth by Iain S. Thomas.

Before Tim did what he did, I'm pretty sure I did not know what Despair meant. When we left Canberra the day after we said Goodbye, we went to the place he decided to leave us. When I took this photo of myself, this is when I finally understood what Despair meant - it's written all across my face. And more importantly, I found out what it felt. A hard way to learn the meaning of a word. This is Life and we take from it what we can to make us stronger and more resilient.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

On Self Belief - Amy Lombard / Freddy Martinez (Wed 14 Jul 2014)

Untitled - George Street / Sydney (Wed 03 Jun 2015)

Amy Lombard on Self Belief:

I don’t believe in giving up. [..] Believe in yourself and what you’re doing, and success will follow.

via Amy Lombard Interview: Flashy Portraits of Unordinary People by Freddy Martinez.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

On Street Photography - Daniel Arnold / Mary Choi (Tue 22 Jul 2014)

Street Portrait - Hvar / Hvar / Croatia (Wed 31 Jul 2013)

Daniel Arnold on Street Photography:

I'm very happy to be around anybody who's engaged in their moment. Shooting gives me new affection for all people. [..]

People are so on guard and used to being photographed. Everybody sets out to look a certain way and it never goes quite how they expect. It's catching those moments in between that makes for an interesting picture.

On the Prowl With Instagram’s Ultimate Street Photographer by Mary H. K. Choi.

On Optimism - Tim Winton / Rod Baxter (twitter)

Untitled - Ultimo (Tue 02 Jun 2015)

Tim Winton on Optimism:

optimism is a form of discipline. Live like everything will be alright.

Tweet by @rodbaxter.

Ever the optimist, but it can appear to be naive. Always balance this with expect the unexpected and this will always protect you from too much harm.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

On a Heavy Heart - I Wrote this for You / Iain S. Thomas (Mon 25 May 2015)

Self Portrait - Alexandria (Mon 01 Jun 2015)

I Wrote this for You on Heart:

If you carry someone in your heart for too long, it will become heavy..

via The Sky Has Weight by I Wrote this for You (Iain S. Thomas.

Nothing the matter with a heavy heart. At least you know you have a heart and that's all you need to live, to be grateful for what you had and to be happy just for that. I realised this a long time ago and it is how I choose to live my life. Today, the first cold day of winter, it shone through a little brighter than normal.

On Patience - Tim Winton / David Larsen (Sat 09 May 2015)

Untitled - London (Sat 17 Aug 2013)

Tim Winton on Patience:

If you don't have the chance to wait, you still have to wait. You wait until it's right.

via Books: Wait until it's right by David Larsen.

On Books - Tim Winton / David Larsen (Sat 09 May 2015)

Untitled - Alexandria (Mon 01 Jun 2015)

Tim Winton on Books:

to go in there and see this whole room devoted to books ... it was great.

via Books: Wait until it's right by David Larsen.

I was told it was old fashion to have a book shelf, but I think it is great.

An Insight into a Gift - Julie Zemiro / Paul Kalina (Mon 01 Jun 2015)

Unttiled - Cape Leeuwin (Wed 16 Apr 2015)

Julie Zemiro..:

I did not know I was good at it, but then, when you realise other people think you are good at it, you think you might be good at it, and that gives you confidence and builds the next thing.

via Julia Zemiro talks Ian Thorpe and season three of Home Deliver by Paul Kalina.