Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Warrior of Photography and Light - SheetShooter (Wed 29 Apr 2015)

Photographer - Alexandria (Sun 26 Apr 2015)

StreetShooter on Photography:

we must be warriors in life. As photographers we must do our work without fear of acceptance or rejection by others or by ourselves. We do our work because we must. We don’t define our work, it defines us. It makes us who we are and shows us the way to become who and what we strive to be. [..]

you come in alone and you go out alone. It’s your camera and your life. Make photos for you and if others like them along the way and maybe buy them or collect them, wonderful, but if that’s why you made them. That’s a waste of love and life

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Give and Take Miralce of Life and Photography - StreetShooter (Thu 23 Apr 2015)

Street Shooter - "[son] Mummy. What is he taking a photo of? [Mum] Go take a look when he is gone." - Fremantle (Sun 19 Apr 2015)

StreetShooter on Photography and Life:

all the sudden it occurred to me that everything in the universe has the ability to teach and to learn. So even on the streets making photos the energy you receive is equal to the energy you send. So your intent is to make photos but ya know, you aren’t in it alone. [..] If life is a give and take miracle then it stands to reason that photography is also. So that means that we think we are the origin of our work but that’s not true. We are not alone in life.

Our photographs and I am only talking about photography, are a collaboration between life and ourselves. We hope for and strive to find a synergism with the street and make the photos that represent that synergism. We can not rightfully state that we are the Origin of our work. [..]

If you are like every reader that ever was or ever will be on this blog [], then you are aware that you don’t take any photographs, you collaborate wit Mother Light and The Street and you make your photos.

Tomorrow is another day and if I wake and am healthy, I’m hitting the streets. I hear tell Life is out there and I’m gonna look for it.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Petterson Family - Family Feud / Melbourne (Jul 2006)

The Petterson Family - Patricia, Janice, Bert, Jenny and Joanne - Family Feud / Melbourne (Jul 2006)

They all had a great couple of days away in Melbourne. And it was nice to see the cousins connect and spend some time away together.

Janice and Jenny - St George Private Hospital (Mon 22 Jun 2009)

Janice joined Jenny yesterday after a long, strong and independent battle with Breast Cancer over the last 6 years. As the cancer progressed in the last few months and the final destination of her cancer became more real, she let go of her strong independent streak and it was a privilege to share these last few months with her. And to witness the love and care that Patricia and Suzanne (her sisters) and Joanne (her cousin) showed her.

Janice and I shared a passion for colour. So, whenever a colour strikes a chord with me I will remember you Janice.

We will miss you Janice and you will always live on in our hearts and memories.

"Bye my love"

On Colour - Burano / Italy (Wed 10 Sep 2014)

Annamaria Cimbal (*) on Colour (*):
Color is like Music
IT uses a shorter way To
come to our Senses, To
awaken our EmoTions.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Jenny - AusDBF Nationals 2004 / Perth (Fri 09 Apr 2015)

Jenny - Perth Apartments - State vs State Day / AusDBF Nationals 2004 / Perth (Fri 09 Apr 2015)

I'm often asked what is my favourite Dragon Boat momemt and there have been a few to pick from. Have left it until today, here in Perth, to say what it really is ..

My favourite dragon boat moment is Jenny in this photo ..

Jenny is ready to race for her State, for the very first time, in the NSW Women's Master Dragon Boat Team. She is ready to go and was so excited. You can see it in her face and smile.

The NSW Bus would swing by the Dragons Abreast Accomodation to pick up Jenny and Jo. And I would walk up along the river to the race site to watch the races. Dolphins frolicked in the shallow river waters to keep me entertained along the long river side walk.

It was an exciting day and the Australian title as well as the right to represent Australia at the World Championships in Shanghai was at stake. At the end of the day all NSW Teams had qualified and Jenny and Joanne were off to Shanghai in Oct 2004.

For me, I was yet to set foot onto a Dragon Boat, even though Jenny and Joanne had been paddling close to 3 years. My turn would come a month later, and the rest is history.

This is my first AusDBF Nationals here in Perth and I remember Jenny and those that were here back in Apr 2004, some of whom will be here today and tomorrow. As I said, a special moment for me in paddling and life.

All the best to everyone here in Perth for the AusDBF Nationals that start today. May you put your best races on the water and dont forget to have a great time.

Paddles up .. Geoff

Friday, April 10, 2015

Self Portrait - Chippendale (Wed 01 Apr 2015)

Self Portrait - Chippendale (Wed 01 Apr 2015)

Takuma Nakahira on Photography:

Just one centimetre from photographed reality is another reality beyond your imagination.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Enjoy Life - Bronnie Ware (Sun 05 Apr 2015)

Pacific Dragons Mixed Orange - Penrith (Sat 04 Apr 2015

Bronnie Ware on Life

Change is constant. We make it easiest on ourselves by accepting that fact. Our ability in letting go of the need for control, giving up the insistence that things have to be a certain way, is a courageous gift of freedom.

It is also a gift of love and gratitude. By surrendering to life, accepting that change is a natural part of the flow, we learn to appreciate the moment for what it is.[..]

Life really is such a short and precious gift. It can also change unexpectedly in one tiny moment. So please, love yourself enough to commit to enjoying your life. Make decisions that support your happiness – your genuine, heartfelt happiness.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter 2015 - Sydney

Jesus Christ - Redfern (Wed 01 Apr 2015)

All You Need is Love - Redfern (Tue 31 Mar 2015)

Cross = Heart - Ultimo (Wed 01 Apr 2015)