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On Dogs, Humans and Love - Richard Glover / Spectrum (Sat 12 Sep 2015)

Me and Teal - "Always be nice to a dog - always say hello to a dog" - Victor Hugo Market Restaurants / Toulouse / France (Sun 19 Sep 2009)

Richard Glover on Dogs, Humans and Love:

Worse things have happened to you and worse things have happened to me, but there's nothing like the death of a good dog to bring tears that are so hot and unrestrained. [..]

Every dog has lessons to teach. They are experts, of course, in demanding love. Humans, quite often, seem to doubt whether they are worthy of love, but dogs have no such uncertainties. "Look at me, just look at me," Darcy would say and, as my eyes met his, it was impossible not to submit to his unspoken demand.

"What a good dog. What a handsome dog. You are the best dog that ever was."

Then Darcy would return the favour, looking back as if to say: "What's next boss? You, after all, are my favourite human and I would follow you anywhere, through hot deserts or raging streams or high mountains."

This giving and receiving of love seems so right, so nourishing, one wonders whether it might have useful application outside the world of dogs. I'm guessing that's what Darcy was trying to teach us.

via Do you ever get over the death of a dog? by Richard Glover.

Something about our pets that makes us more Human. A touching article and it brought a tear to my eye for many reasons. Some obvious, but others less so ..

I think love is a bit more complicated for we humble humans. We have more control over how we live and love. We are less primal, less dependent, and can't and should never expect to be loved, because sometimes it can't be reciprocated and then it becomes a matter of respect. All we can hope for is to be loved for who we are ..

Hope and Acceptance

rather than

Demand, Insistence and Expectation.

As someone once wrote:

I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.


Hope and Acceptance

And that is the difference and it is that which makes us human and the uncertainty surrounding human love, so necessary.

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