Saturday, October 17, 2015

On Deciding - Lisa Gorman / Annette O’Brien (Fri 16 Oct 2015)

[l-r]Grandpa, Baby Eric, Lindy, Lynn, Baby Judy, Geoff with camera in hand (was afflicted even back then), Tim - Chifley / Canberra (Jan 1970)

Lisa Gorman on Deciding:

if you worry too much about your decisions, you won’t actually get anything done
via Extraordinary Routines • Lisa Gorman by Annette O’Brien.

Can be seen as a bit of a fence sitter (or a dreamer, as the photo shows me looking skywards), as I can often see (or at least consider) all the sides of a decision. Along with an inherent desire to see everyone happy (a fatal flaw I am trying to correct), it is often tough to make a decision, even when I know what I want or what is best.

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