Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Reward of Photoblogging for the Little People - Reciprocity Failure (Wed 29 Jan 2014)

Untitled - Barcelona (Thu 08 Aug 2013)

Reciprocity Failure (*) writes On Photography (*):
And then there's a whole 'nother echelon, the rest of us- guys like me. The bottom of the barrel, the pissing in the wind crowd, the no respect guys- like most everyone else in blogdom. We do it for the same reasons we continue to photograph without fanfare- although we may aspire to bigger and better, after a coupla years, it becomes obvious it's because we want to, have to. For better or for worse...

And the reward (*) is, the reward is whatever we find of it within ourselves..
via The Art Of Photoblogging... (*) by Reciprocity Failure (*).

Happy to say this little blog and the photos here, are for me, but I hope maybe there might be one or two others out there who enjoy what has appeared here over the last almost five years.

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