Sunday, August 3, 2014

On Leadership and Influence - Tim Elmore (Fri 05 Oct 2012)

Untitled - Kawana (*) (Thu 17 Apr 2014)

Tim Elmore (*) writes On Leadership (*) and Influence (*):
every[one] who is willing has the potential (*) to lead (*) and influence (*) others [..]

every one of us, even the shy ones, are influencing (*) others.
So Tim (*) asks:
what breadth of influence (*) could people have who become intentional (*) about it?
via Is Everyone a Leader? (*) by Tim Elmore (*).

Reminds me of this Post (*), which has provided me with the knowledge, confidence and intention of influencing (*) others in a positive way, where I can within my limited abilities. After all, as Tim states:
We all have the responsibility (*) to do what we can—based upon our strengths.
I know it works. Thanks Tim.

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