Sunday, August 3, 2014

On Lost Inspiration and Purpose - The Manual of the Warrior of Light

Jenny and Geoff - 2nd Wedding Anniversay - Quay West/Sydney (Tue 30 Apr 2002)

Following on from yesterday's post (*), Paulo Coelho (*) writes on lost Inspiration (*) and Purpose (*):
One day, for no apparent reason, the warrior realises that he does not feel the same enthusiasm for the fight that he used to.

He continues to do what he has always done, but every gesture seems meaningless. At such a time, he has only one choice: to continue fighting the Good Fight. He says his prayers out of duty or fear or whatever, but he does not abandon the path.

He knows that the angel of the One who inspires him has simply wandered off somewhere. The warrior keeps his attention focused on the battle and he perseveres, even when everything seems utterly pointless. The angel will soon return and the merest flutter of her wings will restore the warrior's joy to him.
via The Manual of the Warrior of Light (*) by Paulo Coelho (*).

I posted this passage back in Aug 2010 (*), while struggling with Jenny's loss. I think of it often and I guess that is why yesterday's post (*) seemed so important. I just thought I would repost it (*) again as my Angel did flutter her wings and my joys of paddling and life did return. Maybe it started here (*)?

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