Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On Coaching - Daniel Coyle (Mon 15 Sep 2014)

Garmin Team Bus - Westminster Bridge / London (Sun 14 Sep 2014)

The Talent Code (*) writes Inspiration (*):
A conventional coach focuses first on skills. A relationship-based coach, on the other hand, focuses first on creating a sense of belonging.

A conventional coach asks: what can I do to help them win? A relationship-based coach asks: what can I do to help us nurture connections and create a culture?

A conventional coach views his team through the lens of performance. A relationship-based coach views his team through the lens of family — which, not coincidentally, tends to make the teaching all the more effective.People work hard for a team. They work even harder for a team that truly feels like family.
via The Best Locker-Room Speech Ever, and Why it Works (*) by Daniel Coyle (*).

A great post and it is definitely worth reading. It has helped me understand how well we did in Ravenna and it is the kind of message that will help motivate me to keep paddling at the same level and intensity I have now for 10 years. Both Paul's and Gavin's talks on the last day of racing are examples of this. I will post some more from the post later.

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