Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On Vivian Maier - Tim Belden (Mon 15 Sep 2014)

Street Portrait (*) - Westminster Bridge / London (Sun 14 Sep 2014)

Tim Belden (*) writes on Vivian Maier (*):
Vivian is like anybody who gets intensely into an art form. She went to museums, saw other photographers, but was never schooled or trained. So she took the best of what she saw, internalized it, and then she worked obsessively.
via Vivian Maier | September 2014 Notables (*) by Tim Belden (*).

Westminster Bridge had been closed for the final stage of the 2014 Tour of Great Britain. The Teams had used the Bridge to park the their buses and the crowds were allowed to mingle and walk along the Bridge. The sun was low and as it usual does at that of the day, had broken through, and those walking back to Westminster Tube Station were beautifully lit. I love the detail of the face and the shadow of his chin. This is my favourite. Maybe Vivian Maier (*) has been a role model to me. Thinking about it, I should definitely think so.

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