Monday, February 23, 2015

La Perouse OC6 Regatta - Pacific Dragons Open Crew (Sat 14 Feb 2015)

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Gav writes:
This is the footage from the race. Look, its perhaps not that interesting and drags on a bit but the music is good. I am sending it as we actually have a shark caught on video (see from 1:41). First time ever for the PDs I think. Stu and I noticed it swim past. Footage of it is not that great, but just as good as most bigfoot clips.

Also, you will find the last 2 minutes very entertaining. I promise.

You can watch it in HD by changing the settings
A great day for our Club.

1 comment:

  1. "... not interesting ...." ?
    "....not interesting ...." ?
    Are you serious man ?!
    That's some awesome footage .
    Well done PD Men , outstanding work .
    Geoff - you legend steerer you - well done .
    Congrats to all - great effort .
    As for the shark , well hey , lucky it wasn't a changes race .
    Great finish holding off SOCCI and the other crews .
    A Great PD Day - one to lock away in the memory banks and then to talk about in our twilight years over a few jars of fine brew what ?!
    Dynamite !