Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Margaret - Exhibition Tour Guide - The Black Rose / Trent Parke (Mon 23Mar 2015

Margaret P - The Black Rose Exhibition Guide / Art Gallery of South Australia (Mon 23 Mar 2015)

James Brickwood on Portrait Photography:

I like to keep it quite close and intimate and I like to highlight the subject, that's why I have a clean background.
via Spectrum Now: photographer James Brickwood captures Ed Sheeran's softer side by Sophia Phan.

Margaret you are a champion: a fantastic tour - I loved your enthusiasm and I learnt so much more about Trent's work. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for allowing me to take these photos - I think your enthusiasm for what you do, shines through strongly in these photos. Again, with thanks for the Tour and Photos.

PS - What I took from Trent's Black Rose Exhibition: The Circle of Life: Conception, Birth, Living, Dying, Death and what follows - Fate and Destiny - Luck, Chance and Serendipity (my own Trent Parke Serendipity Story).

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