Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nicky - Zest / Sawtell (Fri 20 Mar 2015)

Nicky and her Zebra Canvas from Chelmsford Markets - Zest / Sawtell (Fri 20 Mar 2015)

Sophia Phan on James Brickwood and Portrait Phtography:

When it comes to taking portraits, James says it's all about the conversation.
"You're sitting there, you're having a dialogue, you're usually talking to the subject longer because you're trying to show the private side of them – as much that's accessible."
James shoots with a 50mm lens on a lot of his portraiture. Because of its focal length, you get the feeling that you're standing with the person to some extent.
via Spectrum Now: photographer James Brickwood captures Ed Sheeran's softer side by Sophia Phan.

Just using my iPhone for these portraits. Not sure of the focal length, but you need to get fairly close to get these kinds of portraits. Nicky is English and bought the Zebra Canvas at Chelmsford Markets and it is certainly the focal point for her Coffee Shop which is full of great art from near and far. Nice chatting to you Nicky. You have a great place and we will be back for sure.

Details - Zest / Sawtell (Fri 20 Mar 2015)

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