Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Thrill of Street Photography - Mary Ellen Mark / Nicole Crowder (Wed 27 May 2015)

Untitled - The Louvre / Paris (Aug 2005)

Mary Ellen Mark on the Thrill of Street Photography and :

From the very first moment I took pictures [on the streets of Philadelphia], I loved it. The thrill was the idea of just being on a street, turning a corner and looking for something to see. It was just an amazing feeling. Photography became my obsession. In a way it’s not so different when I go out to work now. It’s just that now I have years of experience in knowing how to use that little machine in front of me – at least better than I used it then. When it’s good and interesting it’s still that feeling of being on the street and wondering — God, I love this! - what’s going to happen next?

via Celebrating the legacy of photographer Mary Ellen Mark, dead at age 75 by Nicole Crowder.

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