Friday, May 1, 2015

The Healing Process - Doug Miller (Fri 04 Sep 2009)

Janice and Jenny - St George Private Hospital (Mon 22 Jun 2009)

Doug Miller on Healing:

None of these paths that these fellow travelers walk are easy, but I have seen such a lightness of being in them all. Each trying to see the hope in the midst of the raging storm, providing to others a glimpse of light that they themselves are searching for.

There is this strange principle I am discovering not just in myself but in those countless others that are members of this difficult brotherhood and sisterhood of suffering.

I am noticing that a significant part of the healing process is to reach out and give to others, both those that are sick and those that are well.

It seems to some possibly a bit ludicrous, but to me it seems as if it gives this journey a complete purpose, a usefulness of sorts.

I am coming to call it "A ministry of Brokenness" I am seeing it as a powerful balm to all in need. [..]

In our weakness we are made strong.

There is a deep truth in all of this.

via The Ministry of Brokenness by Doug Miller.

Saint Mary MacKillop Relic and Flowers - Greenwich Hospital (Sat 11 Apr 2015)

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