Friday, August 14, 2015

On Light - Dissonance and Exposure - Joel Meyerowitz (Thu 13 Aug 2015) | Matthew Kees (Sat 22 Sep 2001)

Underexposed ( - Sydney Opera House / Sydney (Tue 31 Jul 2001)

Joel Meyerowitz on Light and Dissonance:

There are 2 kinds of light; natural and man made, and often we find ourselves in the presence of both but fail to consider the photographic possibilities that their dissonance presents.
via Dissonance by Joel Meyerowitz.

And a note on exposure by Matthew Kees:

exposure is a creative tool, not a right or wrong. This picture is correctly exposed for what you were going for
Something I was glad to be made aware of so early on and something I have always remembered. Thanks Matthew.

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