Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If You Want To - Seth Godin (Tue 19 Jul 2016)

I want to .. I am .. - Library / Glebe (Wed 20 Jul 2016)

Seth Godin on If You Want To:

anyone with a $300 laptop can use the very same tools as the people at the top of just about any industry. [..]

If you want to learn, do research, make a ruckus... your local library has access to the same tools as you'll find in a skyscraper in a big company.

via The very same software by Seth Godin.

I've realised this for a long time and now I have the opportunity to make something of it here at the Glebe Library. Really making some great progress with everything that Seth mentions in his post - The very same software - and I am excited about what I am creating.

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