Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calvin Klein - E Houston St / New York (Thu 18 Aug 2011)

Calvin Klein - E Houston St / Soho / New York (Thu 18 Aug 2011)

Just found another SD card that I had forgotten about. Has some photos from Thu 18 Aug 2011 (*) taken on my G10 that I used in conjunction with my S95.

I did not take my spare battery for the S95 on the trip and found I was missing photos towards the end of the day because of a flat battery. Used the G10 sometimes to make sure I could still take photos at the end of the day.

This photos captures the spectacular light and colour of New York on a sunny summers afternoon. The hunched over silhouetted figure in the foreground and the deicate shadows of the lighting above the large billboards makes the photo for me.

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