Monday, October 14, 2013

On Constraint and Design - Kevin McCloud - SMH Spectrum (Sat 12 Oct 2013)

The eljeiffel House - Handover Day - Alexandria (Mon 14 Oct 2013)

Kevin McCloud (*) writes On Design (*):
When you're in a hole with no money, you have to be creative (*).
He astutely adds:
Money is an enemy of good design (*) because it stops people thinking (*)
via Broken dreams and home truths (*) by Andrew Taylor (*).

The same can be said when working with a small space. It forces good design and it amazing to watch a great architect (thanks Kerry) create space out of nowhere.

A new life starts today for a beautiful old house that is just on 106 years old. The space is small but it feels big.

This project was something I had never planned for, but life always presents challenges and opportunities we can't predetermine, one of the beauties of life, if you chose it to be.

Once the decision was made, a lot of thought, planning and effort has been put in to get to this point.

While it is a little sad to see bits of the old go, it feels the right thing to do and it is exciting to bring new life to a solid foundation.

May we, who have accepted this challenge and opportunity, be blessed with good fortune to make it happen with a smile on our face.

Looking forward to the 7 month transition that will give you the opportunity to provide another 100 years of sanctuary to whoever seeks haven under your roof.

Let the renovations begin.

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  1. I hope you will invite us for the housewarming party - half a year ahead would be great. ;-) Just kidding ... good luck with the renovations!