Friday, October 18, 2013

On Friends - Anastasia Taylor-Lind - Colin Pantall's blog (Fri 18 Oct 1013)

Uwe, Olja and Geoff - Herford (*) / Germany (Tue 20 Aug 2013)

Anastasia Taylor-Lind (*) writes On Friends (*):
Have a stable of friends and colleagues [..] these people can give you enough encouragement (*), motivation (*) and self-belief (*) to plough on and develop ..
via Dos and Don'ts of Anastasia Taylor-Lind (*) on Colin Pantall's blog (*).

Had the pleasure of meeting up with Uwe again after 13 years, and also to meet Olja for the first time. Thank you, you were great hosts.

It was nice to recount some old memories - Uwe was the driving force behind some amazing projects, back in the early days of open-source software in the Eiffel World - the eljeiffel project (this blog was a long dormant result of the project). I still use some of the resulting software tools and programing concepts on a daily basis.

It was great to talk about what has happened in the intervening years since we last met, as well as what is happening in our lives now, along with our future hopes.

I look forward to you being my guests sometime in the near future.

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