Saturday, December 14, 2013

On Effort and Coaching - Dan Coyle (Fri 13 Dec 2013)

Blackwattle Bay / Sydney (Sun 07 Jul 2013)

Dan Coyle (*) writes On Effort (*) and On Coaching (*):
I think the lessons for teachers and coaches are pretty simple:
  • First, connect: like John Wooden said, they can’t care (*) how much you know (*) until they know how much you care (*).

  • Highlight the group: seek ways (traditions, mantras, fun little rituals) to show what it means to belong in your crew.

  • Don’t soft-pedal high standards. Don’t pretend that it’s easy — do the opposite.

  • Emphasize the toughness (*) of the task, and your belief (*) that they have what it takes.
via The Simple Phrase that Increases Effort 40% (*) by Dan Coyle (*).

I think Dan is exactly right. I have been fortunate enough to experience this time and time again in my paddling.

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