Thursday, December 19, 2013

On Training and Discipline - Siegfried Hansen / Eric Kim Street Photography (Wed 18 Dec 2013)

Untitled - Pitt Street / Sydney (Wed 18 Dec 2013)

Siegfried Hansen (*) writes On Traininng (*) and Discipline (*):
There are many things you learn by training (*) and discipline (*), but overall you should internalize both theory (*) and technique (*) to a point that you can fully concentrate (*) on the moment when taking pictures. I navigate through [..] my hometown, almost blindly (*) on certain routes, focusing on things that are happening around me. It’s all coincidental, nothing is preset.
via Capturing Harmony on the Streets through Graphical Images: Interview with Siegfried Hansen (*) by Eric Kim (*).

Untitled (Detail) - Pitt Street / Sydney (Wed 18 Dec 2013)

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