Monday, December 16, 2013

On Belief and Effort - Sports Are 80 Percent Mental (Sun 15 Dec 2013)

Jo, Cath and Geoff with Jenny's Paddle - SIRC / Penrith (Sun 15 Dec 2013)

Sports Are 80 Percent Mental (*) writes On Belief (*) and Effort (*):
As long as you believe (*) that you still have something left, your brain (*) will believe (*) you.
via Positive Self Talk Can Boost Your Athletic Endurance (*) by Sports Are 80 Percent Mental (*).

Cath was this years recipient (*) of the Pacific Dragons (*) Inspire Award (*) Dedicated to the Memory (*) of our Jenny (*). It was exciting to have the opportunity to make this photo at Penrith yesterday. So pleased and excited for you Cath. Congratulations again.

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