Monday, June 2, 2014

On Competing - The Story of Telling (Mon 02 Jun 2014)

Geoff, Cath (*), Nicola (*), Ian, Amanda (*), Stuart, Linda, Kerry, Di and Mark - Shelley Beach / Manly (Sat 31 May 2014)

Pacific Dragons (*) OC1 (*) Ocean Session - Whosus (*) - Shelley Beach / Pacific Ocean (Sat 31 May 2014)

The Story of Telling (*) writes On Competing (*):
What would the world look like if you focused on doing the work as if today was the last time you would get to do it? Allow the noise from the competition to fade into the background. In your heart and mind become the market of one.
via No Business Is In A Market Of One (*) by The Story of Telling (*).

I have got back on the OC1 (*) this last week and I am loving it - it is just what my training needs at the moment as we prepare for Hamilton Island (in two weeks) and Italy (in September).

As is usual, when you are on the OC1, it is all about you. No where to hide, so you feel a little exposed and vulnerable. How will you compare ?

I have been thinking about this lately as when I am doing the L4 Interval Sessions with the others, I just try to focus on myself. I do this by keeping just a little away from the others and doing my own line down the course. The challenge for me is to do these sets with the others beside me. Try to focus on myself, yet at the same time trying to compete (*) and be the best I can without getting distracted. I hope this post makes sense.

Afterthoughts: Two athletes I have learnt a lot from in this area of thought are Adam van Koeverden (*) and Drew Ginn (*) as well as my own club coaches (*) [more to come shortly]. These eljeiffel search links are definitely worth following.

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