Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Warrior of Photography and Light - SheetShooter (Wed 29 Apr 2015)

Photographer - Alexandria (Sun 26 Apr 2015)

StreetShooter on Photography:

we must be warriors in life. As photographers we must do our work without fear of acceptance or rejection by others or by ourselves. We do our work because we must. We don’t define our work, it defines us. It makes us who we are and shows us the way to become who and what we strive to be. [..]

you come in alone and you go out alone. It’s your camera and your life. Make photos for you and if others like them along the way and maybe buy them or collect them, wonderful, but if that’s why you made them. That’s a waste of love and life

via Philly Streets … More thoughts and Findings … Olympus Pen EP-5 by StreetShooter.

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