Monday, June 15, 2015

More On Trying - Iain S. Thomas (Tue 02 Jun 2015)

Whosus - Pacific Dragons Single Craft Day - Barrrenjoey Headland / Palm Beach (Sat 06 Jun 2015)

Iain S. Thomas on Trying:

I've been told I'm special in so many different ways my entire life, why should I have to try, and continue to educate myself, try, and maintain a healthy marriage, try, and exercise, try, and work to accomplish something -- anything -- great?

This is one of the hardest illusions in the world to break. I am not special and I need to try if I want anything. There is nothing sad about that. The only happiness, joy and beauty that isn't temporary, that will nourish your soul and make you feel human and connected to yourself, is found in realizing that you actually have to try.

The Exquisite Beauty of Actually Trying by Iain S. Thomas.

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