Monday, June 22, 2015

On Photography, Memory and Feelings - jtinseoul (Sat 20 Jun 2015)

Jenny - Mutton Bird Island / Coffs Harbour (Sun 02 Jan 2004)

jtinseoul on Photography and Memory:

Photography is about Memory. Not the making of memories, but about the capturing of them.

Addding that photos can be a reminder of:

how it felt to be here when I wasn’t.
via Cameras do matter (sort of) by jtinseoul.

So succintly and nicely put - these words touch my heart.

Just found these photos on an old disk. Certainly do bring back some memories and how I felt just over 10 years ago. So much has happened and it feels like another life, the life of someone else told to me so intimately with an open heart and no secrets because I seem to know it so well, I can feel it - but can it be me, really!!

Funny how and what a photo makes you think and feel.

Geoff - Mutton Bird Island / Coffs Harbour (Sun 02 Jan 2004)

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