Thursday, June 25, 2015

On Photography - Feeling and Responsibility - Streetshooter (Mon 22 Jun 2015)

Red - Chippendale (Tue 23 Jun 2015)

Streetshooter on Photography, Feeling and Responsibilty:

if you feel a photo in your heart and you see it in your heart and mind, you need to see it with the camera. [..]

I like to assume responsibility for my work [..] there’s a real satisfaction to SEE something and then MAKE a photo and have it satisfy you and maybe others too. You can think how you saw the photo coming together and recall everything about it that you didn’t take the time to forget.

I think I understand but not fully.

via Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 7 … Fuji X100s by Streetshooter.

I've walked to work since we moved office in Feb last year. I love it. It takes about 30 minutes and it has become an invaluable time for me to just walk and be engaged in the moment of just doing that. It gives me a chance to just think about things and I solve many problems and reflect on life a little. I have found a nice way and a few options and a couple are my favourites because how they make me feel. Often I see something that I have not noticed though I have walked past it many times. This photo is one of those things. It is just a few scratches on a peice of metal that has been painted red. I felt it, saw it, made it and I am responsible for giving it a life beyond itself. I love what photography does and these words make some sense of it all. Thanks Streetshooter.

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