Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Enjoy Life - Bronnie Ware (Sun 05 Apr 2015)

Pacific Dragons Mixed Orange - Penrith (Sat 04 Apr 2015

Bronnie Ware on Life

Change is constant. We make it easiest on ourselves by accepting that fact. Our ability in letting go of the need for control, giving up the insistence that things have to be a certain way, is a courageous gift of freedom.

It is also a gift of love and gratitude. By surrendering to life, accepting that change is a natural part of the flow, we learn to appreciate the moment for what it is.[..]

Life really is such a short and precious gift. It can also change unexpectedly in one tiny moment. So please, love yourself enough to commit to enjoying your life. Make decisions that support your happiness – your genuine, heartfelt happiness.

via Enjoy Life by Bronnie Ware.

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