Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Petterson Family - Family Feud / Melbourne (Jul 2006)

The Petterson Family - Patricia, Janice, Bert, Jenny and Joanne - Family Feud / Melbourne (Jul 2006)

They all had a great couple of days away in Melbourne. And it was nice to see the cousins connect and spend some time away together.

Janice and Jenny - St George Private Hospital (Mon 22 Jun 2009)

Janice joined Jenny yesterday after a long, strong and independent battle with Breast Cancer over the last 6 years. As the cancer progressed in the last few months and the final destination of her cancer became more real, she let go of her strong independent streak and it was a privilege to share these last few months with her. And to witness the love and care that Patricia and Suzanne (her sisters) and Joanne (her cousin) showed her.

Janice and I shared a passion for colour. So, whenever a colour strikes a chord with me I will remember you Janice.

We will miss you Janice and you will always live on in our hearts and memories.

"Bye my love"

On Colour - Burano / Italy (Wed 10 Sep 2014)

Annamaria Cimbal (*) on Colour (*):
Color is like Music
IT uses a shorter way To
come to our Senses, To
awaken our EmoTions.

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