Monday, March 10, 2014

A Message To The Broken - You are not Without Hope - Doug Miller (Sun 11 Oct 2009)

Broken - George Street / Redfern (Mon 10 Mar 2014)

Doug Miller (*) writes On Hope (*):
Hope (*) is a thread that exists in our lives. It has been there since the day we took our first breaths. It has existed alongside us as we built our lives. It exists now in the shattered reality of brokenness. Though we are broken, hope remains strong. In our weakness Hope rises as an unbroken thread stretching out into our uncertain (*) future (*), beckoning us to follow and explore the potential that lies dormant and hidden by our pain. Hope waits. Ready for us to reach out and grasp its firm hand. The question is not if hope exists within our brokenness. The real question is if we are willing and able to allow ourselves to stretch out of our brokenness, our preconceived attitudes, and self imposed assumptions and grasp hold of the only hope that exists, the only hope for our brokenness, our humanity and very existence. There is hope and healing and a future no matter what our circumstances. It is true. I have seen it. There are many others that have shared in it as well and testify of its existence and power and potential. Lift your eyes out of the brokenness and glimpse it, it is before you. You are not alone.

You are not without HOPE.
via A Message To The Broken (*) by Doug Miller (*).

An amazing piece of writing. All the more so, if you know the motivation (*) behind it.

A Rainbow always brings Hope - Alexandria (Sun 09 Mar 2014)

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  1. I was so "Broken" when I read this in Oct 2009 (I still am broken but I live with it better now, it is a part of me and who I have become - it has made me stronger and I am better person for it) a few short months after Jenny's passing. No words I have ever read have been clearer to what I know and feel. It made sense and gave me hope that one day I would find my way and a purpose. Step by step I did find my way, with the support and encouragement of those who loved me. The journey of life continues and I hope I have made Jenny proud of what we have achieved with her love and memory in our hearts and minds.