Thursday, March 13, 2014

Street Portrait - Dark Tranquilli - Barcelona (Tue 06 Aug 2013)

Street Portrait - Dark Tranquilli (*) - Barcelona (Tue 06 Aug 2013)

StreetSooter (*) writes On Photography (*), Life (*) and Light (*):
I felt like THE LORD was shining a light (*) for me to make a photo….Oh man, what a feeling…it was like an experience that one should remember for eternity. I raised the Leica with the 35cron and just as I put it to my eye….

I kinda heard a voice in my head and I thought it was THE LORD as he said….Schmuck, your shooting TRI-X.

Those are the kind of experiences (*) that effect your life…or not! For me things like that leave me open to the possibilities of what ever life throws at me.
via Fuji XP1 & 35mm Find The Light … and Some Other Things (*) by StreetSooter (*).

The light (*) in this beautiful old passageway, a couple of blocks off the more touristy boulevards, had lined up to be directly along its path. I remember standing to the side and quietly taking a few candid Street Portraits (*) that day (*).

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