Saturday, March 8, 2014

Same Same but Different - Jason Kottke (Sat 08 Mar 2014)

Space Needle - Seattle Center (Sun 10 Apr 2014)

Jason Kottke (*) writes:
Everything was the same as it was before, except that everything was different. Does that make sense?
via When Kurt met Courtney (*) by Jason Kottke (*).

I flew into Seattle from Sydney on the day that Kurt Cobain's (*) body was found in the loft of his Garage on the shores of Lake Washington. The first I heard of the sad news was on the radio when I woke the next morning in my room of the Seattle Youth Hostel I was staying.

I would wander the streets of Seattle and ride a bike along the shores of Lake Washington the next few days randomly viewing the sights as I have always done. I even attended an impromptu memorial for Kurt Cobain at the Seattle Center a day later. I did not know about it but just stumbled upon it at the early stages.

It was eventful few days in Seattle, I was at the Boeing Production Site in nearby Everett to witness the maiden test flight of a Boeing 777 in the colours of El Al Airlines. To finish it off I would watch a game of Basketball in the same Stadium as Bill Gates. I would almost walk into him as we all the left the Stadium post game, and I mean literal walk into him :-).

I had forgotten about all of this until I read the few words above at


  1. By the touch of her hand I have been kicked out my universe and equipped with the knowledge that something very unusual was about to become reality: to live an ordinary life. Love makes never sense but is the most logical way to feel, think and live.

  2. Oh yes, and I certainly do talk about Olja. Why isn't it always so easy between the russian soul and the rest of this world these days.

  3. Hi Uwe, What can I say. We are thinking of you and hope that you are OK. Be strong. Life and Love works in mysterious ways. Regards ., Geoff

  4. Hi! Just to be clear: we are doing fine here. :-) We have been attended a birthday party of one of Oljas friend (in fact, they are my friends now as well) and had a long evening of fine discussion and a few beers, of course. ;-) Felt a little emotional when we returned and the story between Kurt and Courtney always catches my attention. I think the memory how deep Olja touched my soul from the first hour on was the thing I wanted to share.

  5. Hi Uwe, Thanks for that. Very relieved to read the above. Yes, the whole Cobain/Love story is very touching and also very sad. Somehow feel drawn and connected to it all through my visit Seattle just a few weeks short of 20 years ago. My Mother would arrive in Seattle a few days later and we would drive around the nearby Olympic Peninsula and through Kurt's home town of Aberdeen. We had no idea at that time that we would face (*) the same senseless loss that Kurt's love ones faced. Actually 9 years to the day and was in part the hidden reason for making this post. The quote seemed to represent much of that early time after our loss. Regards .. Geoff