Thursday, March 20, 2014

On Compositional Framing of a Photo - Jorg Colberg (Thu 20 Mar 2014)

Bond Street (*) - London (Sat 17 Aug 2013)

Jorg Colberg (*) writes on framing (in the compositional sense) [*]:
photographs are as much about what they show as what they imply, what they don’t show, what’s outside those frames. There always is a balance going on [..]: The photographic facts in the frames work with – hint at – all those facts, assertions.
via W. Eugene Smith – Dr. Ceriani, 1948 Smack out of the golden age... (*) by Jorg Colberg (*).

Another wonder and insightful post by Jorg Colberg (*). Reminds me of a Post (*) by Mike Davis (*) from a few years ago, that I think of often when taking photos.

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