Friday, November 7, 2014

On being a Photographer- David Campany (Nov 2014)

Bride and Groom - Sacre-Coeur / Montmartre / Paris (Thu 18 Sep 2014)

David Campany (*) writes on being a Photographer (*):
there are only four ways to function as a photographer. Either you are independently wealthy; or you get paid to take pictures (a commercial photographer, with whatever independence of mind you can retain); or you get paid for photographs (i.e. as an artist [..]); or your photography is a hobby, a pastime, and you earn your living elsewhere.
via Walker Evans: the magazine work STEIDL, 2014 (*) by David Campany (*).

I definitely fall into the last category. I have a few photos in books and given away some prints to friends. So, I guess, being a photographer, is mostly about me.

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