Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On Data - Nathan Oostendorp / Mac Slocum / O'Reilly Radar (Thu 16 Oct 2014)

It is not the End It is the Beginning - Gozo / Malta (Tue 23 Sep 2014)

Nathan Oostendorp (*) writes on Data (*):
the next Industrial Revolution is about automating the collection of that data, it’s about being able to get insights out of that data that you wouldn’t be able to without a computer, and it’s about being able to do predictive and prescriptive adjustments to a [..] process
via Signals from Strata + Hadoop World New York 2014 (*) by Mac Slocum (o*).

I'm spending more and more time every day on this very thing. It is challenging and very interesting. Starting to make some breakthroughs with the software and with those who ask the questions. Often I am finding answers to questions that have not even been thought of, or asked. So in some ways it feels like a new beginning for an old dog like me.

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