Thursday, November 20, 2014

On the Future of Design - Dan Saffer / Bernadette (Wed 19 Nov 2014)

Untitlted - Darlinghurst (Oct 2014)

Dan Saffer (*) writes on the Future of Design (*):
If we don’t design human values into the things we create, we’ll find ourselves in a world that is alien to us.
the way all progress moves forward is by someone thinking differently, trying something that no one else has tried, breaking the established traditions and rules.
via (*) via The future of design: stay one step ahead of the algorithm (*) by Dan Saffer (*).

Along the same lines of thought for Dan's last point, Bernadette (*) writes:
What is the competition too scared to try?

Say and do that thing.
via The First Step To Building A Marketing Campaign (*) by The Story of Telling (*).

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