Monday, November 3, 2014

On Making A Photgraph - Rachel Kara / The Design Files (Mon 03 Nov 2014)

An Afternoon at Eileen's (*) - Ealing (*) / London (Sat 13 Sep 2014)

Rachel Kara (*) writes on making Photograph (*):
I always walk into a shoot and try let the space or person have a chance to show themselves to me, rather than the other way around
via Rachel Kara (*) by The Design Files (*).

You see (*) it. And you know that feeling. That feeling that you just want to take a photograph. It comes from seeing and observing something - a curiosity. As Rachel says, it shows itself. I just wish I had the courage to make the photo from that feeling. Most times I just let it go even when I have my camera in my pocket.

But sometimes you push yourself and don't let it go .. an example (*) from just on 10 years ago. Maybe one day I will change and make these moments happen more often.

When you travel you feel you have permission to be a photographer and that's why in part I've pushed myself and come to love travel for 10 years now and I thank Jenny (*) and Joanne (*) for that.

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