Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On Photography and Editing - Larry Towell / James Estrin (Mon 10 Nov 2014)

Untitled - Venice (*) (Wed 16 Sep 2009)

Larry Towell (*) writes on Photography (*) and Editing (*):
Photography is not just about seeing and taking pictures, it’s also about making sense of the photograph and making sense of it is what editing does, .. You take a series of photographs, you tell a story (*) with them and many pictures fall between the cracks in the process. [..]

When you’re editing you’re editing towards a certain end, and when that end is met you forget about the pictures that didn’t make it, .. What this Magnum project has done is allowed us to go back and re-edit. There isn’t enough re-editing being done today.
via Magnum’s Archive of Once-Orphaned Photos (*) by James Estrin (*).


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