Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On Performance - Julia Ryall / PDdb (Tue 04 Nov 2008)

Pacific Dragons - 500m Premier Mixed Final - 2014 AusDBF Dragon Boat Nationals - Kawana (Sat 19 Apr 2014)

Julia Ryall (*) writes On Performance (*) and Expectation (*) amongst other things:
Performance (*) is not about crossing the line first, it is about having great plan, the right preparation (*), the ability to execute the plan (*) well on the day, realistic expectations (*) and an ability to celebrate (*) the performance rather than the placing.
via PDdb - DB Paddling Update: The ultimate performance is a greater reward than first place by Julia Ryall (*).

Written, what now seems so long ago, but still so right and relevant. Almost six years on, and so many amazing experiences (*) in between, these words makes much more sense now than they did back then.

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