Sunday, April 13, 2014

On Photography and Vivian Maier - Ella Taylor (Fri 28 Mar 2914)

Pink Balloon - Madrid (Sun 11 Aug 2013)

Ella Taylor (*) writes On Vivian Maier (*), photography (*) and maybe a few more of us:
Perhaps she just loved taking pictures; perhaps they kept her company or even prevented her, for a while, from falling apart. Perhaps it never crossed her mind that she was an artist.
via 'Vivian Maier' Brings Nanny-Photographer's Life Into Focus (*) by Ella Taylor (*).

In 2010 as I struggled with the loss of Jenny (*), those around me were concerned. So I am thankful to my Mother who suggested I should try to get back into my photography and Jo, who independently, suggested I start to organise my photos. And so I did (*), and still do ..

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