Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pacific Dragons - 2009 AusDBF Dragon Boat Nationals - Kawana (Sun 26 Apr 2009)

Pacific Dragons (*) - 2009 AusDBF (*) Dragon Boat Nationals - Kawana (*) (Sun 26 Apr 2009)

(l-b-f-r) Geoff, Graeme, Kaizer, Norm, Lisa, Christian, Darren, Adam, Mark, Todd, Jo, Dave, Matt, Helen, Jenny, Gav, John, Eugene, Kristen, Christoph, PaulC, Mandy, Julia, Craig, Dean, Phil, Toby, Andrew, Shell, Becky, Jo, Bonny, Mel, Kath, Phil, Charlotte, Nicola, Lucy, Di, Dave, Leesa, Rachel, Michelle, PaulS, Suzy, Amanda, Linda, Annett, Billy

Five years have passed and we have come full circle. Jenny (*) was with us last time and I shed a few small tears as I watched the PD Girls, paddling two short and Jo drumming, cross the line second in the Women's 500m Final. In my heart I felt her presence in one of the seats left spare for her and I knew she was there with them, making the impossible possible (*) yet again.

Lots of new faces but still a few of us who paddle on. Thanks to all.

Pacific Dragons (*) - 2014 AusDBF (*) Dragon Boat Nationals - Kawana (*) (Sat 19 Apr 2014)

Kerry Davenport,
Jasmin Keick, Kathleen Burrows, Annett Happich, Nicola Frowen, Catherine Gale, Laurette Ah Jack, Amanda Wyllie, Rachel Giang, Dianne Morgan, Rebecca Oately, Kylie Haskins, Kirsi Niinimaki, Caitlin Moffat, Jane Hill, Elizabeth Cowen, Emma Walsh, Alison Linn, Daniella Storm, Greg Oatley, Eugene Lee, Geoff Eldridge, Gavin Godfrey, Matt Spies, Paul Wilkins, Craig Stewart, Christian Happich, Stuart Young, Graeme Bacon, Albert Au, Paul Smith, Kaizer Austin, Paul Cooke, Ivan Sanchez, Tim Vose, Peter McAllister, Tony Pound

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