Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Winning Strategy - Make it Irrelevant to Others - Nick Willis (Sun 20 Jul 2014)

RUN RUN - Erskineville (Fri 11 Jul 2014)

Nick Willis (*) recounts:
And in the weight of it the life long goal just hit me, and I broke down in tears (*) just before uncontrollably.

You can’t control (*) what other people do. Medals and Championships are about how you compete (*) against others. But in this big wide world all the stuff that goes on both good and bad, you can’t control (*) what other people do.

But the last few races and then especially this one its been about what can I do irrelevant (*) to what others (do).
via Chasing Wow Through Hope and Wonder! (*) by Patrick McHugh (*).

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