Saturday, July 12, 2014

When you open yourself up to the vastness .. - Murray Fredericks / Ali Gripper (Sat 12 Jul 2014)

Water (*) - Edinburg / Scotland (Mon 05 Sep 2005)

Murray Fredericks (*) writes On the Void (*):
I remember the overwhelming (*) vastness (*), losing a sense of myself, and then pointing my camera (*) into that space (*), [..] When you open yourself up to the vastness, with no points of reference (*), you feel (*) an incredible sense of release (*).
via Photographer Murray Fredericks' favourite things (*) by Ali Gripper (*).

Loved my Canon Pro1 (*) which I used for our Europe 2005 (*) trip, my first to Europe, and only one with Jenny. The camera was a little dark on the corners (vignetting), but the sensor had a painterly effect that I have not seen in my Canon cameras since.

Murray has been a big influence on me (*), and coincidently I was planning to watch his SALT DVD (*) tomorrow.

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