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Coaching Observations - Physiology4Performance (Sun 01 Jun 2014)

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Physiology4Performance (*) writes On Coaching Observations (*):
After meeting and talking with some 700 DB coaches around the country, here are some common truths that keep cropping up:
  • Every club struggles with numbers. Recruitment is key for every club. Recruit smart and relentlessly.

  • People fall out and clubs split and create new clubs. It's painful but good for the sport. Most clubs I can think of started that way.

  • The most effective coaches do it because they get great satisfaction from helping people develop, learn, achieve and become part of a club/family - not because they get their ego stroked. Most effective because they make decisions based on performance rather than their ego.

  • Good coaches educate themselves and maximise the the time/effort that their team invests, by training their clubs smart and hard.

  • The best clubs have two or more coaches that work together synergistically (i.e. their strengths and weaknesses compliment each other). It takes coaches with their ego's in check to work this way as they have to understand their own weaknesses and take a back seat to the other coaches in this area.

  • Performance comes from the club culture as much as anything else. Culture is based on a set of values and ideals that is put in place and shaped by key members and taught to new members implicitly. Not everyone will fit in with it and that's OK.

  • Some people see 'having fun' and 'being competitive' as two opposing concepts. The best clubs know that these things go hand in hand.
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