Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Only the Inspired Survive - Mitch / Six Pixels of Separation (Wed 09 Jul 2014)

inspired by the light (*) - Sagrada Familia (*) / Barcelona (Thu 08 Aug 2013)

Mitch (*) writes On Inspiration (*):
When you're inspired (*), you're looking (*) for an idea (*) that creates (*) a feeling (*) or emotion (*).

What you do once you're inspired (*), is up to you. [..]

To be inspired, you have to get inspired. This is where most people fall down. [..]

You have to decide right now, how much of your time you are giving to allow yourself to get inspired.

What you will uncover. Slowly. Very slowly. Over time.

Inspiration is, ultimately, what will keep you engaged (*) at work and happy (*) at home.

It will make you healthier (your mind (*), your body (*) and your spirit (*)).

Think about it. Apply it.
via How To Be Inspired At Work (*) by Mitch (*).

Found my inspiration back tonight at my first RPM (*) class in almost three weeks. Thanks Kate you were amazing tonight. You asked what are your goals in tonight's class? For me it was finding my inspiration. 7 weeks until we fly out to World Crews in Ravenna, Italy. A cold, and lots of sadness and guilt have found me losing my rhythm and motivation these last few weeks. It's always a tough time of the year and this campaign is a lot longer than then usual. It is time to pull myself up and be the best I can. Do what you can while you can. So this post and a great RPM class seem to be exactly what I needed (*). Thanks Kate and Mitch.

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