Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On Inspiration - Ellen Fisch (Tue 01 Jul 2014)

Architectural Detail - Sagrada Familia (*) / Barcelona (Thu 08 Aug 2013)

Ellen Fisch (*) writes Inspiration (*):
Inspiration (*) comes in many forms and from many sources. What I have learned (*) in doing architectural photography (*) is to be open to new ideas and to see the possibilities that present everywhere. [..] The ideas keep coming because inspiration (*) on its own may arrive in erratic bursts, but going after it consciously (*) day by day makes for a rewarding journey (*) and consistently better photography (*).
via In Photography, Inspiration is All Around You (*) by Ellen Fisch (*).

Gaudi (*) found inspiration in nature for much of his architectural detail. From his wikipedia page (*):
Gaudí's position in the history of architecture is that of a creative genius who, inspired by nature, developed a style of his own that attained technical perfection as well as aesthetic value, and bore the mark of his character.
Thanks Ellen for making this so clear.

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  1. A pleasure! Your blog is inspirational! All best, Ellen Fisch